Parents and Kids Take to 22nd Street on Cycles in Support of Bike Lane in Fairmount

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our ride up 22nd. Everyone crushed that hill at the end too 🙂

The Philly Declaration


By Kenneth Lipp

Today dozens of parents and children rode bikes, individually and with up to 3 in-tow, pedaled up 22nd Street from near Pine all the way to Brown, in Fairmount Park.

The purpose of the ride was to draw attention to the need for clearly marked bicylce lanes on a five-block stretch of North 22nd Street in the Fairmount area, a (somehow) long-contentious measure which has been blocked by City Councilman Bill Greenlee.  Called Kidical Mass, the ride was the latest of a series, “part of nationwide movement seeking to promote family friendly bike rides and bring awareness in our cities that kids are traffic too,” according to the group website.

Riders gather at F park Riders gather at Fitler Square for the ride north up 22nd Street.

22nd Street currently has no lane markings whatsoever between Fairmount Avenue and Spring Garden, and is used for two-lane motorized traffic in a relatively free-for-all…

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October and November 2014 Ride Details

Happy Autumn, Philly biking families!

Our next ride is October 25, 2014. We will ride from Fitler Square at 11 AM, up 22nd Street. Here is the facebook event to RSVP or ask questions. This ride is a little bit ‘costume party’ and a little bit ‘awareness ride’. We are inviting anyone from the Philly area that is interested in the 22nd Street bike lane situation to come ride with us. If you’re new to the drama, a local council person is trying to shut down the Streets Department and MOTU plan for a bike lane on 22nd Street between Spring Garden and Fairmount. His reasons are mainly that he thinks his bus ride home will be longer, that his constituents don’t want a bike lane, and that bike lanes don’t make pedestrians any safer. More information about the situation, and a petition you can sign, ARE HERE.


81% of 22nd St neighbors strongly approve a bike lane, bike lanes actually increase all mode speed, and bike lanes make streets safer. This report from the National US DOT proves to be interesting and we look forward to protected bike lanes being the standard ASAP.

image c/o Philly Bike Expo

On November 8, 2014, we will be doing a ride to the Philly Bike Expo. Meeting at Fitler Square again and riding a short trip to the Convention Center. This is a short ride that is great for younger, independent riders (no training wheels please). At 1:30 PM, Dena and Marni will be holding a Family Biking 101 forum at the expo. Tickets can be purchased at Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles or online.

Sponsor Highlight: Fairmount Bicycles

Our favorite woman-owned bike shop is Fairmount Bicycles!

image c/o Fairmount Bicycles

With a whole page dedicated to Kid Stuff on their website, Fairmount Bicycles is truly kid-friendly. They have Surly Big Dummys, Yuba Boda Boda and Mundos, Bullitts, and Xtracycles to choose from in the cargo/family bike section! You can rent the Big Dummy by the day or week as well!

rent or buy a Big Dummy at Fairmount! image c/o Surly and Fairmount Bicycles

We love their neighborhood vibe and that they are located on a bike lane! Their sister shop, Brewerytown Bikes is also pretty awesome!

Fairmount Bicycles will be on hand on the day of the event with their bikes and some gear to check out! Thanks, Fairmount!

August 2014 Ride Details

This Saturday, August 30, 2014, Kidical Mass Philadelphia will ride from Fitler Square to Spruce Street Harbor Park.


We will meet at Fitler Square, starting around 10:30 AM. We will chat safety rules and fill out waivers and then roll out at 11:00 AM. We will take the Pine Street buffered bike lane all the way to Front Street, where we will take a left. When we get to Spruce Street, we are going to make a right up onto the sidewalk, dismount from our bikes, and walk to the park. There are cobblestones on Spruce Street so we will avoid any mishaps and make sure all of our riders make it to the park in one piece! It’s a 2.1 mile ride in total.

Here is the map

Here is our Facebook Event Page for RSVPing

If you need a bike, call Transport Cycles or Fairmount Bicycles to see what they have! Both shops rent cargo bikes!

If you are driving to the starting spot, you can easily get back on to Spruce Street (with buffered bike lane once you get past the cobblestones at Dock Street).

A few notes on safety:

Helmets are required.

-All children must be accompanied by an adult that is responsible for their riding and behavior during the ride.

Training wheels are not recommended due to street conditions. Independent kid riders are great: make sure they know road safety basics and are ready to listen closely and obey the rules of the road.

-Dena and Marni will lead the route.

-When we encounter vehicles blocking the bike lane (and we will!), we will “take the lane” to go around, when it is safe to do so.

-In general, we will not block intersections to go through red lights (“corking“): if our group gets split up, the front pack will stop and wait. On rare occasions, we may cork a street if there is no traffic coming or a car has offered to stop.


A few notes on Spruce Street Harbor Park:

-There is one bike rack that is not designed to fit anything except road bikes. Please bring locks so that you can sufficiently lock your wheels and bikes to each other. We will create our own bike locking area.

-There are food and beer available but you can also bring outside food in.

-There are a few tables but not many places to sit on blankets.

-There is a fountain that kids are allowed to wade into. We recommend bringing a change of clothes/towel.

Thank you to the Bike Coalition of Greater Philadelphia for their support!


Sponsor Highlight: R.E.Load Bags

R.E.Load Bags are custom messenger bags handmade in Philly! They’ve been around since the 1990s!


photo c/o RELoad Bags

Owned and operated by Roland Burns, R.E.Load is a household name in messenger bags. Their quality and craftsmanship is amazing. They have kept their manufacturing small and local: you can stop in the shop to check their goods out in person and see the whole operation! Many of their bags would make great diaper bags, kid bags, and family biking bags! Specifically the hip packs and totes!

Hopefully Roland and fam will be at one of our upcoming Kidical Mass rides, but in the meantime they are supporting our cause and also hitting the streets on their Bilenky cargo bike!

photo c/o RELoad instagram:

Thanks, RELoad for being awesome for the Philly cycling scene, and for embracing family biking and supporting Kidical Mass!

They will have a surprise on the day of the event, but if you’ve liked anything you’ve read here, you should definitely come!

Sponsor Highlight: Trophy Bikes

Trophy Bikes is an independent bike shop located on 2nd Street in Northern Liberties. They specialize in touring, commuter, and folding bikes. They are Philly’s largest Surly dealer and the area’s Brompton dealer!

Our favorite part about Trophy is the service manager: he’s my husband and a Kidical Mass dad!

Photo c/o

Trophy carries Strider bikes for the littlest rippers and a few kids’ bikes beyond that. They also carry kids’ helmets and can service any bike you bring in. The staff is friendly and there are 2 awesome women on staff. There is a bathroom with a place to change diapers! The shop dog, Rasta, is very kid-friendly. The hours are also family-friendly, with plenty of weekend hours and early/late hours! Open 7 Days | M-F 8-7 | Sat-Sun 10-5

For the families out there looking to get into bike camping or touring, this is the shop for you. Trophy offers free fix-a-flat classes, check here.

the strider race that Trophy put on in Liberty Lands park!

On the day of the event, Trophy will be represented with stickers and maybe a prize!