August 24th Ride Logistics


  • All riders are asked to meet around 10:30am at Fitler Square. We meet on the western end of the park.
  • The ride will follow the below route to Sister Cities Park, please be aware the route is subject to change. 

Start: Fitler Square

East on to Pine Street

Left on to 7th Street

Left on to Spruce Street

Right on to 18th Street

End Sister Cities Park

  • Please note the ride takes place on open city streets. Prepare your children for the ride by teaching hand signals & understanding they will be riding alongside other forms of transportation. 
  • The ride is at your own risk, therefore we require children to have an adult/guardian present on the ride with them but they do not have to be on the same bike. 
  • If there is any type of “bad” inclement weather (lighting and thunder, heavy rains etc.) wordpress and facebook pages will announce any cancellation around 9am the day of the ride. The raindate will be Sept. 7th. 

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