March 29th, 2014 DETAILS



DATE: 03/29/2014 (Saturday)

TIME: Meet at 11 AM 

START: We are meeting at WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK (6th and Walnut) 

END: Rittenhouse Square Park (bathrooms located at Barnes and Noble and food for sale nearby) 

HELMETS, BELLS AND LIGHTS ARE STRONGLY SUGGESTED. Kids 12 and under are required by PA Law to wear helmets. This ride is AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

***NOTE***: We will have a photographer with us to photograph the ride, the images will be used for press releases, presentations of KMPHL and websites etc for both us and The Coalition. You will be asked to sign a waiver for use of photos however you can opt out no issue, most importantly we still want you to ride with us 🙂 


Exit Park on 6th Street, heading South

Left onto Pine Street

Right on to Third Street

Left on to Spruce Street

Head West until 18th Street

Right onto 18th Street

End at Rittenhouse Square Park

3.0 Mile +/-




What happens if there is bad weather?: We will likely cancel. Please check back on the website and Facebook group.  

I want to drive down, where can I park?: We suggest you park at the end of the route so you can easily reload bikes and kids at the end. 

How fast do you go?: We go so slow, we could probably walk faster. No really this ride is at a slow rate, we wait for the group between lights/ stop signs. 

Kids on Training Wheels?: We suggest if your child is on training wheels, biking on the city streets might not be the safest. 

Can I come without a kid?: Yes, as long as you are pro safe streets and do not make us nervous you are welcome to come without children. Please remember though you are riding with children. 

Can I come without an adult?: Sorry, at this time we require you come with an adult who is responsible for you. 

Can I volunteer to help?: YES PLEASE. Email Us. 


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