Sponsor Highlight: Nutcase Helmets!

Nutcase Helmets has signed on as one of our sponsors for the ABCs of Family Biking, September 2014 Edition!

photo courtesy of Nutcase Helmets

We are so grateful to Nutcase, as they have a history of supporting family biking in Philadelphia. Last year, at the Philadelphia Bike Expo ride, Lisa came out to meet us before the ride and handed out snacks and goodies. It was a perfect addition and personal touch that really meant a lot to us. One of our kids won a Nutcase helmet during the Expo for one of their giveaways!

Why do we love Nutcase helmets?

1) They are easy to buckle

There is NEVER any risk of pinching your kid’s sensitive chin skin with the buckle of the strap! The buckle is a magnet, which means your kid can learn how to buckle themselves at an early age, which means independence and freeing mom/dad up to other tasks to get out the door!

photo courtesy of Nutcase Helmets

2) They are easy to adjust

With two sets of padded inserts for maximum comfort through different stages, you can customize the helmet to your kids’ head. Once you dial in the padding (we recommend going to your local bike shop and having a pro fit your kid), you can adjust the dial in the back. Again, it’s an easy, on-the-head adjustment that is quick and painless. The result is a low fit on your kids’ forehead with maximum protection.

3) The earflaps!

The earflaps (sold separately) slide into the helmet and take the place of a hat. They keep your kids’ ears warm and protected from the wind, while still allowing a healthy air flow for exercise during cold weather. The pads are super soft.

photo courtesy of Nutcase Helmets

4) The designs!

There are such cute prints and designs on these helmets, with something to suit every style!


Thank you, Nutcase, for your continued support of family biking in Philly. You rock!


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