Sponsor Highlight: Philly Pedals

Philly Pedals is The Hub of Cycling in Philadelphia.

Philly Pedals is a team of awesome bicyclists from Philly, working to promote a centralized community for all types of biking. They have a blog, an events calendar, and ongoing interviews and articles ranging from the Philly Pumptrack to mountain biking to commuting. We especially love Philly Pedals because their publisher and creative director are founding Kidical Mass parents!

Click the photo for some Philly Pedals articles by our own Kidical Mass organizer, Dena Driscoll!

Philly Pedals is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! They have held a few Instagram/Twitter contests which always lead to beautiful photos of all different types of cyclists around the Philly area! Their hashtag, #phillypedals, has quite the awesome feed!

On the day of the event, Philly Pedals will have some stickers and some cute kids to keep us company!

Thanks, Philly Pedals!


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